The Spoken Word

An evening of original poetry and prose readings in English by the poets of the Writing Women of Zurich Group.


Montag 09. Februar 2015 / 20.00 / Eintritt frei

Featured poets

Sarah Batschelet

 Die Amerikanerin Sarah Batschelet lebt seit 1976 in der Region Baden. Als Texterin und Englisch-Redaktorin hat sie zwei Gedichtbände veröffentlicht: Like Reading Heaven (2007) und Things Material (2009). In ihrem Werk erweitert sie oft einfache, kleine Gegenstände zu etwas mit einem grösseren Wiederklang. Sie ist auch als klassische Musikkritikerin für eine Londoner Online Platform tätig, darüberhinaus befasst sie sich intensiv mit den Bildenden Künsten.


Jocelyn Moore

Jocelyn has lived most of her life in the big, open spaces of the American Mid-west. Her passion for nature and our relation with the earth and one another are explored with surprising results in her fresh, quirky poems. When not exploring the rocky slopes of the Swiss Alps, she calls Wyoming USA home.


Jena Griffiths

Jena is a hand analyst, an adventurer and a poet by nature. South African by birth, she has previously lived at sea for 3 years and now calls the mountains of Switzerland home. In her work, she subtly weaves together reality and dreams and brings the listener into far away worlds where magical vistas are revealed.


Ellen Marie Magee

Ellen Marie Magee is a poet, novelist and screenwriter. Her novel “Bald D’Artagnan” (2010) is a dark, romantic comedy while her screen work for POGO films explores the esoteric side of life. Her poetry expresses a love for all things beautiful and fleeting. She lives in Zurich.