The Diamond Family Archive

Konzert / Fr. 20. Mai 2016 / 20:30 / Eintritt frei - Kollekte

The Diamond Family Archive is the writing and recording project of Laurence Collyer.
Holed up in a converted garden shed in rural Devon finds him and friends creaking and coaxing songs from all manner of old instruments and badly maintained vintage equipment. Personal and pastoral themes are mixed with sleepy-eyed awe to create sparse and fluttering arrangements. The sounds of the rain, the old mill leat outside the door and the ever present ominous rookery in the nearby slate quarry all make it onto the recordings too.
Live, The Diamond Family Archive craft a mesmeric live-show from drums and acoustic guitars, lots of FX pedals, keyboards set to drone, tape delay, loops and bellows, bows, toys and broken cymbals. All coming together to create music which holds echos of post-rock, traditional folk, spiritual soul music, psychedelic rock and lo-fi. The Diamond Family are a unique and roving ensemble who perform either solo, as a duo or as a full band with small choir!
Foot-stomping, finger-picking, hollering, feedback howls vs pin-drop hush - fragile, lazy grace.
The last couple of years have seen 5 albums including 2 on vinyl and 1 on cassette, 30+ EPs, a host of short films, numerous field recordings and several collaborations.
The Diamond Family Archive has been quietly releasing records, tapes and CDs through a handful of labels (Dinosaur Club {USA}, Tired Trails {USA}, Woodland Recordings {UK/GER}, A Beard of Snails {Denmark}, MAP Recordings {UK}, Lynch(ed) {UK} and many others.