Nikolaj Efendi & The Red Wine Conspiracy

Konzert / Fr 16. Oktober 2015 / 20:30 / Eintritt frei - Kollekte

Nikolaj Efendi, the lead-singer of the famous gypsy-punk ensemble "Roy de Roy", released his first solo album. The composer turned his back on danceable anthems of revolution and devoted himself to whispering folk music. Dark, witty, thrilling.
The Carinthian Slovene alternates between Slovenian and English lyrics; his compositions, while staggering between the joy of living and the longing for death, are bursting with genuine honesty and bittersweet melancholy. Efendi does not care about boundaries of genres, but makes unorthodox sound structures come alive.
Nikolaj Efendi is accompanied by the "Red Wine Conspiracy", a conglomerate of musicians and sound artists from various genres, such as Jazz and Classical music, Klezmer and Balkan, Swing and Chanson.