Konzert /Mi.23.Dezember 2015 / 20:30 / Eintritt frei - Kollekte

At the crossroads between two different universes and styles, here is a new EP that reveals a beautiful artist. Coming from the underground Parisian music scene, having refined her talent for 4 years.

thanks to the corridors of the metro and the millions of encouraging passengers, JELILA surprises us with her first opus 100% homemade and justifiably titled « Free Style ». 

With her mellifluous voice, and her wild soul, JELILA is built with a hybrid personality, a personality between feline and dolphin, earth and sea, fire and air, East and West. 

Originally a professional dancer, this self made explorer/musician uses her voice, as well as different instruments (tambourine, cajon, shakers, triangle, melodica...) a keyboard and a computer
to go hunting into the lagoons and pampas of the imagined landscapes of her spirit. She transforms her catches into a unique style. By herself at home, with patience, passion, happiness and curiosity, JELILA experiments, selects and adds finishing touches until she reaches her hypnotizing personal universe. Her multicultural voice is authentic and sensual, warm and powerful. JELILA’s hybridity is as a magical mixture between Hindi Zahra and PJ Harvey, revealing a strong musical identity through the fusion of blues, hip hop, rock and oriental vibes. 

When live, she uses a looper like Camille and surrounds herself with talented musicians who dive head first into her universe. 

The « FreeStyle » EP not only shows off JELILA’s entire range of talents as a singer/songwriter but also as a composer and arranger. Through a set
of 6 tracks, she expresses the richness of cultures that dwell within her. JELILA is an artist of the new French music scene, a young charismatic woman with hat and straps in which lives her music, music of such incredible energy that takes you for a ride through a reckless and voluntary soul. Let yourself be nourished by her mystical visions of life, her touching lyrics and her deep humanist aspirations.